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ISBN: 9780743551786
ISBN: 9780743551786
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ISBN: 9780743551786:
Micah Garen and Marie-He?le`ne Carleton were journalists and filmmakers working in Iraq on a documentary with their Iraqi translator Amir Doshi. In the late summer of 2004, they began to wrap up their work, and Marie-He?le`ne returned home while Micah remained for a final two weeks of filming. As Micah and Amir were filming in a Nasiriyah market, something went horribly wrong: Micah was unmasked as a foreigner and kidnapped by militants in southern Iraq. Home in New York, Marie-He?le`ne awoke to a gut-wrenching phone call from Micah's mother with word of his abduction. She promised Micah's mother the impossible that together they would bring Micah back alive.