• What is SalamZone is all about? 

SalamZone is not just an e-family store, our goal is to have make family needs in every field handy, closer, cost effective or let us say cheaper by far.  

  • What items do you have?

We are starting with English language books, some music titles in CDs format, DVDs, Games, Perfumes, Men and Women Watches, soon other items will follow, e.g. educational material for both adults and kids, rare and antiquities….. And lots more.

  • How do you price your items?

Our items are priced as lowest possible in the Market, in most cases. 


Prices & Shipping:

  • What is RRP on your site?

RRP is the Retail Recommended price which in the book publisher country usually the same as the cover price (Cover price is the price determined by the publisher).

  • What is retail price?

Retail price is the price decided by e-stores or famous retail stores to sell the item for.

  • What about shipping & handling fees?

Our handling fees is = Zero i.e. we don’t charge any handling fees, Shipping fees are actual courier fees, in another words we are not adding any handling fees, nor are we making any margins on shipping.

  • Then how do you price your shipping fees?

Shipping is by weight, for light weighted items shipping is cheap, for heavy books it’s more costly however, we combine orders in order to offer you the best shipping rate. Once you complete your order automatically the weight is calculated at check out and the shipping fee is provided for the whole lot based on its weight at check out.

  • Do you charge any taxes, or VAT?

We don’t charge any form of taxes e.g. VAT to any part of the world.