Finding Their Son (Harlequin Superromance)

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ISBN: 9780373715886
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Eli Robideaux in her shop asking to 'borrow' money is not how Char Jones imagined their reunion. Her dreams were more the I've-come-to-my-senses variety than the gimme-your-cash kind. Regardless, it seems Char's high school crush on him hasn't gone away. If anything, the adult Eli is even more irresistible.And, okay, part of that attraction is the fact he needs her help—again. Seems he's searching for the missing pieces of himself. She may hold a key to one of those pieces—the son he didn't know they had, the one she put up for adoption. Maybe now is a good time to find their son. And maybe this is their chance to finally be together, to be the family she'd always wanted with Eli.