Fun & Educational PC Game: Caillou Party Fun and Games Software (2-6 Years)

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 Fun & Educational PC  Game: Caillou Party Fun and Games Software

(2-6 Years)

Join Caillou and his friends from the award-winning PBS kids show! Ready? Set? Caillou's birthday party is about to begin! Boys and girls will make new friends, use their imaginations and play games. They will learn about numbers, letters, sounds, shapes and more. Plus, children can make real birthday invitations, cards, and party hats to celebrate their own special birthdays! Discover and learn: Letter recognition; Counting & Addition; Colors, Shapes, Patterns; Pattern Recognition; Following Instructions; Sound Recognition; Critical Thinking; Creativity; Music & Songs; Rhyming; Computer Skills

System Recquirement:


  • Platform:   Windows
  • Media: CD-ROM

Product Features


  • 4 Party Themes
  • 8 Activities
  • 3 Skill Levels
  • Printable Creations
  • Clickable Animations