Kids Favorite Bible Stories & Songs: David (DVD)

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Kids Favorite Bible Stories & Songs: David


David & Friends! 10 Bible Stories and 10 Bible Songs! David PLUS 9 MORE! Let your child begain an incredible adventure into a world of faith-building Bible stories and songs. This DVD makes it easy and fun to learn about these unforgettable Bible characters when they come to life, as leading Christian personalities narrate the stories along with the Wonderkids.

Song Titles on this Product
Little David Play on Your Harp
Only a Boy Named David
Trust in the Lord
I Am the Good Shepherd
Be Kind Every Day
God is Our Refuge and Strength
Teach Me Your Ways
What Pleases the Lord
The Roman's Road
Praise the Lord Together

The Psalm of the Shepherd King
Gollath's Challenge
DAvid Accepts Gollath's Challenge
The Giant Falls
Kind-Hearted King
The Ark of the Covenant
Proberbs: Children of Wisdom
Paul is Blinded
The Roman's Road
He Promises to Love Us