Our Plan For America: Stronger At Home, Respected In The World

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ISBN: 9781586483142
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John Kerry and John Edwards know that the issues, and the stakes, of the 2004 Presidential election are the most profound and urgent to confront America in generations. They think that America needs more than to get back on course - America needs a whole new direction. And they have the plan to get us there. Our Plan for America presents, in full scope, their map for America in the next four years and beyond. Here, in thorough detail and accessible language, Kerry and Edwards delineate point-by-point the most urgent challenges facing America today, and their plans to redress these, including: Launching and leading a new era of alliances Modernizing the military Charting the course to energy independence Restoring fiscal discipline to Washington Creating new jobs in America Providing health care for every child Managing skyrocketing health care costs Providing every American a world-class education and the opportunity to attend college Our Plan for America also includes full biographies of John Kerry and John Edwards ; photos; the full text of both Kerry and Edwards's acceptance speeches at the DNC; and further details about their plans on key issues. John Kerry and John Edwards have taken inventory of America today. They know the issues confronting us now and the challenges that lay ahead in the future. In Our Plan for America, they offer readers and voters a chance to judge for themselves, and for the next four years, exactly where- and how - John Kerry and John Edwards plan to lead us.