Fun & Educational PC  Game: Zoboomafoo Creature Quest 3-6 Years

Fun & Educational PC Game: Zoboomafoo Creature Quest 3-6 Years

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Fun & Educational PC  Game: Zoboomafoo Creature Quest 3-6 Years

Zoboomafoo Creature Quest, real-life creature adventurers Martin and Chris Kratt have buried a treasure and hidden pieces to the treasure map throughout Animal Junction. Children can join Zoboomafoo, the lovable lemur, and his animal neighbors in search of the hidden treasure. Children will play fun learning games, view real-life creature videos, learn clever animal trivia, print treasure maps and sing familiar Zoboomafoo songs. Earn clues that will help piece together the magic treasure map. Eight interactive activities focus on discovery and learning, teaching numbers, letters, patterns, shapes and colors. Helps build visual discrimination skills, better memory, practice listening and following instructions, apply logical reasoning, and learn to recognize animals in their habitats, in a zany and creative environment. Each skill-based activity offers three levels of play. As children complete each activity, they are rewarded with a piece of the treasure map. Printable treasure maps and interactive coloring pages complement the learning experience.


System Recquirement:


  • Platform:   Windows
  • Media: CD-ROM

Product Features:


    Creature Fact Book
  • 8 Interactive Activities 
  • Fun, Printable Activities
  • Real Animal Videos
  • Fun Zoboomafoo Songs
  • Printable Treasure Map
  • Treasure Hunter Certificates