Star Trek Generations Audio Book on 2 Cassettes

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ISBN: 9780671519964
ISBN: 9780671519964
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ISBN: 9780671519964:
The story begins with the launching of the "U.S.S. Enterprise" TM NCC-1701-B and the mysterious disappearance of Captain James T. Kirk. Then, seventy-eight years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the "U.S.S. Enterprise" NCC-1701-D receives a distress call from a remote scientific observatory. Picard learns that a newly developed superweapon has been stolen by a desperate scientist with an insane plot. Facing the most difficult task of his career, Captain Picard must seek out the one person with the power to help him, a person long thought dead: Captain James T. Kirk. Together, the two captains are tested as they've never been before. And both men are forced to make the greatest sacrifices of their careers to save countless millions from a madman with a plan for mass destruction.