Subterfuge (DVD)

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"Subterfuge" is a poor interpretation of the meaning of, "Faux Fuyants" which is the actual French title of this film. A better understanding of this phrase is, "prevaricate", "to give false answers", or better yet, "False Fugitive". These definitions better define the phrase, and also add a better insight into the film. One evening a man leaves a movie and accidentally runs over, and kills a pedestrian. He flees the scene, and relocates to the suburbs of Paris. He finds the sixteen year old daughter of the man that he killed, and forms a relationship with her. The film is about how this man insinuates himself into the lives of this girl and her friends and family. Rachel Ortas (Rachel Rachel) plays the young girl, and in the film she plays the lead vocalist of a New Wave rock group, and in real life she fronted the French pop band, "Luna Parker". Kristian Tabuchi is credited with composing the film's strange, yet interesting soundtrack. Overall, the film resonates as quirky and odd, most likely due to the amateurish nature of the acting and production. FAUX FUYANTS is not a complete loss because it does convey a certain off-kilter tone, a unique plot, and at the very least, offers an interesting look at some diverse French locations in the early 1980's.

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