The First Christmas: Volume 1 (DVD)

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The First Christmas: Volume 1




 DVD about the Birth of Jesus and the first Christmas. CHAPTER ONE BIRTH OF THE SAVIOR: The story unfolds with the discovery of Mary and Joseph of the special role that God has chosen for each of them. They journey to bethlehem to register for the Roman census, where Jesus is born in a stable and put to bed in a manger, as Angels proclaim the birth of the Messiah. Shepherds descend from the Judean hills to pay homage to the Son Of God. The prophecy of the prophet Isaiah has been fulfilled. The story of Jesus has begun. CHAPTER TWO: HEROD'S WRATH: Three wise men from the East who have followed the star of Bethlehem to Jerusalem present themselves to Herod the great King of Judea and announce the birth of a new king. Fearful for his reign, Herod asks the wise men to return to Jerusalem with news of the Messiah's birth so that he too may honor him. When an Angel of the Lord appears to them in a dream and warns them to avoid Jerusalem. The three wise men journey back to their homes using another route. A furious Herod orders all male children under the age of two born in the vicinity of Bethlehem to be killed. Warned by an Angel of the Lord of Herod's plans Jospeh, Mary and the baby Jesus escape to Egypt.



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