The Great Macintosh Easter Egg Hunt

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ISBN: 9780425160060
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Mac users are going to flip over this book. Why? Because it shows them exactly how to find the hidden Easter eggs in their software. What are 'Easter eggs', you ask? They're the secret surprises, goofy graphics, and gonzo games hidden inside the computer software! Who put them there? Subversive (or bored) programmers. How do users find these eggs? Simple. Read The Great Macintosh Easter Egg Hunt.Here's what Mac users can expect to find: - A secret arcade game that nobody knows about - A QuarkXPress Martian who'll zap you with his raygun- A waving iguana flag and a stately moose- The musical marching theme from Monty Python's Flying Circus- The infamous Chimes of Doom And much, much more!