The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Soccer

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ISBN: 9780789306708
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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Soccer covers every aspect of the sport that has always been the world's most popular, and is increasingly so in the United States. Not only does this wonderful pocket-sized reference cover the World Cup championship, it also details the host of other national and club championships that take place throughout the world every year. It has essential information on all the soccer powers of the world and their greatest players, legendary teams, the history of the sport, great matches and stadiums, memorabilia, scandals and disasters, the business of the game, its rules and laws, and also women's soccer, making The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Soccer the most comprehensive reference on the sport.With the continued success of the U.S. national team, the establishment of a new women's league, and the popularity of Major League Soccer (all of which will be covered extensively), and the forthcoming 2002 World Cup, not to forget the growing number of suburban kids who play the sport, interest in soccer is growing exponentially in the U.S. This volume, profusely illustrated throughout, with well-researched and well-captioned photographs will appeal to all those who play, support, and follow the game. Drawing on a team of acknowledged soccer authorities for writers, this handy paperback is the definitive work on soccer for everyone with a love of the game, from long time fans of the world game to the coaches and the stars of tomorrow here at home.