The Jesus Diaries: Everyday Life in the Time of Messiah (DVD)

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The Jesus Diaries: Everyday Life in the Time of Messiah


The Jesus Diaries - Every day life in the time of Messiah. 'come, walk with me through the land of the Messiah. Hear the words that I wrote down when He lived among us. See for yourself how the 3 pillars of our lives - Faith, Family and the Land - helped shaped His eternal message of love, truth and light.' With these words, The Jesus Diaries invites you to take an intimate journey into the living world of Yeshua. * Walk through the fields of Nazareth as He did. * Hear the prayer and songs sung in His youth. * Travel with Him up to Jerusalem's awesome Temple. * Stand beside Him from His birth through to His crucifixion - and resurrection Presented as a personal witness, filmed entirely on location in His land and covering every major event in His momentous life, The Jesus Diaries is more than a movie; it is truly revelational experience of everyday life in the time of Messiah. "Never before have His dramatic times so vividly come to life for me. Never have His teachings made so much sense as they do now that I've seen them in context. Never before have images of the world He lived in brought to me to feel so close to His life. It is like God himself guided this production. Bless you." Narrated by Jonathan Settel. Original soundtrack composed by Elisheva Shomron. Songs and prayers from the Old & New Testaments. Filmed in Nazareth Village, Bible Times Center in Jerusalem, and throughout the Holy Land. Available PAL & NTSC. 90 Minute HD movie. A Reuven Dorot film. Produced by Doko Media Ltd.

Product Detials

  • Directors: Daniel Cohen & Reuven Dorot
  • Reuven Dorot
  • Format: NTSC, PAL, Full Screen, Color, Full length, HiFi Sound, Special Limited Edition
  • Subtitles: English, German, French
  • Rated: G (General Audience)
  • Studio: Doko Media Ltd.
  • Run Time: 90 minutes