The Legend Of Cougar Canyon (DVD)

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The Legend Of Cougar Canyon


Synopsis: The desert landscape of the American southwest has a beauty that is unique to it. This extraordinary geography serves as the backdrop of The Legend of Cougar Canyon A.K.A. The Secret of Navajo Cave, a 1974 film, which I believe, should qualify as a kiddie matinee classic. It certainly has all the qualities of an entertaining family film: dramatic animal sequences; breathtaking scenery; and a good versus evil plot. The semi-documentary reminded me of watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins in my youth, but with a Native American twist. Rex Allen, the famous cowboy singer and actor, serves as the movie’s narrator, and once the beginning credits have rolled, he immediately discusses the Navajo’s respect for the eagle, which represents good in their culture. Suddenly, the scene shifts to a hungry mountain lion in search of its next meal, which ends up being an eagle. Thus, for the remainder of the film, the cougar becomes the antagonist in this desert delight. The cat’s adventures with a raccoon, badger, rattlesnake, wild boar and black bear clearly demonstrate that the predator does not always get its prey, and that the life of the canyon hunter can be have its peaks and valleys.

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