The Lutheran Handbook II

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ISBN: 9780806670379
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Being a good Lutheran is twice as hard in today's world. That's why every good Lutheran needs the power of The Lutheran Handbook II. With twice the Lutheran doctrine of its predecessor (and twice the humor!), this handbook will guide you through the most difficult theological terrain with ease. Never feel like you 'don't know enough' Lutheran theology to accept a church council position or lead a Bible study! The Lutheran Handbook II puts it all at your fingertips, with clear, concise helps on: The Lutheran Reformers' Five Most Dastardly Theological Opponents A Brief History of the Lutheran Movement How To Usher How To Tell if Your Will is in Bondage To Sin and What To Do About It The Five Most Common Heresies Well-Intentioned Lutherans Commit How To Tell the Difference Between a 'Vocation' and a 'Vacation' How To Interpret 'Controversial' Bible Passages and Remain Lutheran ... plus dozens of other essential tips for 21st-century Lutherans!