The Merck Manual Of Medical Information: Home Edition (Merck Manual Of Medical Information, Home Ed.)

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ISBN: 9780671027261
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FOR ONE HUNDRED YEARS, DOCTORS HAVE BEEN COMING TO US FOR ADVICE. NOW YOU CAN, TOO. One of the most widely used sources of medical information in the world, The Merck Manual had previously been written for doctors and health-care professionaIs -- not the general public. Now The Merck Manual -- Home Edition contains virtually all of the information in the physician's version, but in easy-to-understand, everyday language, with a reader-friendly format. Written by two hundred internationally respected medical experts, this bestselling reference presents in-depth information for almost all medical problems, including: Heart disease Digestive disorders Cancer Nutrition problems AIDS Hormonal problems Infections Men's, women's, and children's health issues Mental health disorders Accidents and injuries Care for the dying and much more, as well as a detailed discussion of prescription and over-the-counter medications, an appendix of resources for help and information, and a detailed index. Generously illustrated, comprehensive, and current, The Merck Manual -- Home Edition is published as a not-for-profit service by Merck -- a world leader in breakthrough medical discoveries with a long commitment to making the world a healthier