Walk-On: Life From The End Of The Bench (with Autographed)

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ISBN: 9780976729600
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Most people donamp;rsquo;t know what itamp;rsquo;s like to hit a game-winning shot or how it feels to be the first player picked at recess. Alan Williams knew nothing about being the star, but a courageous basketball player shows that one can still find success in the midst of failure. Even though Alanamp;rsquo;s career didnamp;rsquo;t result in him being a lottery pick in the first round of the NBA draft, lt;span stylequot;font-style: italic;quot;gt;Walk-Onlt;spangt; gives each of us something to cheer about. From the end of the bench, a firsthand view of major college basketball proves that ultimate fulfillment in life is not found in how many points we score, but in having a hope and a faith in those things in life which cannot be seen.lt;br gt;lt;br gt;lt;span stylequot;font-weight: bold;quot;gt;lt;br gt;JOIN THE FIGHT FOR CANCERlt;spangt;lt;br gt;JIMMY V FOUNDATION: A portion of the proceeds from lt;span stylequot;font-style: italic;quot;gt;Walk-Onlt;spangt; will be donated to the V Foundation, an organization helping to support cancer research. The V Foundation was founded in memory of the late Jim Valvano, former coach of NC STATE, who died years ago of cancer.